Care Instructions

Prints are precious…and a little delicate.

  • Lost Dove uses high-quality archival products including the best inks and finest papers on the current market because we want them to last longer than multiple lifetimes.
  • Care must be taken when removing the print from the postage tube – we recommend you let the framer do this for you unless you are experienced in doing so.
  •  Once a photo has creased it cannot be repaired – it has to be replaced.  The purchaser is deemed responsible for this damage and must cover the basic material costs of reprinting and resending.  See Delivery and Returns for more information.
  • The greatest care is taken to ensure no creases are caused to the print as it professionally packaged into the protective tube.
  • The longer the print stays rolled inside the tube the longer it will take to flatten – get it framed as soon as possible. Less handling means less chance of DISASTER! (Please take care).
  • Framing is recommended to protect your investment whilst being able to enjoy it everyday on your wall.
  • It is recommended that you do not hang a photographic print in direct sunlight or in a position of high moisture content.  This will give your beautiful print the greatest longevity, it’s important to care for your investment for future generations to enjoy.
  • All prints come with a 3-month warranty.  Refunds or replacements will be gladly given if the print was incorrect or flawed during manufacture see Delivery and Returns for full terms and conditions.

Your print has been made with love, enjoy it!